Thursday, August 11, 2011

Where Silence is Absent

Living in a city feels like living in an overcrowded refuge camp. Music, right now, is just a veil over the cacophony to reassure myself that life is still sweet even though I can't hear my own thoughts clearly.

A day is not far when in middle of nowhere I will scream; scream so loud that all will stop; stop in shock, stop to reason and proclaim me insane and perhaps inhuman too out of their nearsightedness in this infinite world.

If and when I do move out of the city, it will be for fulfilling this intense craving for silence. To be with myself and myself alone. To be able to make an honest attempt at hearing my heartbeats. To be able to hear music like it is to taste a pinch of salt in water. To be at a place where absence of sound itself isn't absent.