Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Every moment I'm alone,
I feel a knife pressing inside of me.

And for every moment spent away from myself,
The knife gets sharper.

(c) hp.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I surrendered to the drag of time's flow.

I'm sinking in moments,
Rotating in whirlpools of emotions,
Brushing with the stubborn rocks,
A lost identity like a yellow leaf.

Someday someone will find me -
A rich alluvium in the delta of death.

(c) hp.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A bud conceals, With sweet conspiracy

A bud conceals,
With sweet conspiracy, with joy,
And blooms with beauty...

An ocean swells,
With tranquility, with pride,
And bursts with valour...

A meteor travels in space,
With anonymity, with intentions,
And streaks the sky with light...

For thou to witness! For thou to awaken!
For thou to harken, and tell their stories.

(c) hp.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just spelt it out... Not much effort

Love is string to your kite,
Love is anchor to your boat,
Love is shackles on your feet,
To keep you safe, to keep you sane.
(c) hp.

A voice whispers from within,
'That's not who you are. Or is it that that's not who you were?'
What reply am I to give with clenched teeth?
(c) hp.
I've been measuring the world on my own scale;
On one pan are my ever evolving ideals,
On the other s the world as I perceive it to be.
No wonder they keep oscillating, baffling me.
(c) hp.
Aahista Aahista hum phisalte hain,
Katraa Katraa hum pighalte hain.
'Kahaan gaya imaan?'
Katl kar ke rooh ka,
Hum jism se poochte hain.
(c) besabr (hp).

Literal translation from Hindi:

Slowly slowly I slip,
Piece by piece I dissolve.
'Where did the conscience go?'
After killing the soul,
I ask this to the body.