Thursday, April 29, 2010

Too many poems/lines not up here.. Phew... Uploaded some today... rest sometime later....

Ek Nazm

Karobar nahi yeh dil ka,
dagabaazi hai.

Kabhi gair be-imaan nikla ishq mein,
to kabhi khud ne ki jaldbaazi hai.

Zindagi yunhi jalti rehti hai,
dhokebaazi mein.

Na jaane kya mazhab chhupa hai,
waqt ki nakaashi mein.

(c) hp.

Will put up in hindi script later.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Your exclamations...

I'm just gliding on rising thermals of intuition and character. Do I deserve your exclamations?

- hp.

*Thermals are blobs of hot air rising in the atmosphere on which the heavy birds like kites, eagles and vultures glide or as we say, fly.

Desire pacifier

The turmoil that bursts bubbles in flowing lava,
Churns my mind like the great 'samundra-manthan' by gods,
Spewing out vials of immortality and gallons of venom.
But all I desire is a tranquil shore looking onto horizon,
And to loose the count of days.

My mind is an untamable wild stallion,
I desire you, my pacifier.

- hp.

Friday, April 02, 2010

ચોખ્વટ / Clarification


ફૂલ ને તો માત્ર ખીલ્વુ છે,
સુંદર્તા તમારે માંડવી છે.

દિવા ને તો માત્ર ટમટમ્વુ છે,
અંધારુ તમારે ભગાડવુ છે.

અને મારે તો માત્ર જીવ્વુ છે,
જીવનસાર તમારે કાઢવો છે.




A flower just wants to bloom,
It is you, who wants to enjoy the beauty.

A candle just wants to flickr,
It is you, who wants to shoo away the darkness.

And I just want to live,
It is you, who wants to draw conclusions.

(c) hp.