Friday, July 16, 2010

I look into her eyes,
And I'm devoid of pain.
I'm a poet no more,
Sorry, I'm a poet no more

Melting cake smells to be sliced,
Hot cappuccino froths to be sipped,

There's a mirage-less sparkle in your eyes,
And your considerations nosedive in the frozen sea of my time.

A crowd of words elbow out of you,
And mine dangle, wanting to be cobbled on this path together.

Words not uttered,
Sentences left midway,
Watching you walk,
Nodding at your exclaimations,
Wondering all that could be,
Absorbing all that is,
Emotions that baffle,
Questions that mute,
Replies that sigh,
Thoughts that blurr,
Longings that elude,
Glances that express,
Feelings that linger,
And you.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Some Question Answers in Urdu/Hindi

Pehele utari zehen me fir talab me raat ,
yun katra katra utari mere ghar me raat.
pehele bhigi os me fir aansuo me raat ,
yun boond boond nahayee meri nazar me raat.
pehele hasi palako par fir rukhsaar me raat,
yun lamha lamha muskurayi mere laboo pe raat.
-ashika 'tanha' vyas.

chhoti chhoti khushiyaan lekar aayi hansti raat,
pehle aankho mei muskurayi, fir dil mein utari raat...
banke kangan khanak gayi, haathon mein ye raat...
ghunghru banke naachi bahut, paagal banke raat...
-amitabh dasgupta

mere deen ki khushiyon se jali, kali hui raat...
sula ke aasmaan ko aayi, mujhe sulaane raat...
har subah rokta tha, roke na ruki raat...
aaj na jaane kyun aayi, bina bulaaye yeh raat...
- besabr (hp).

Chal pada kis raah pe mai,
Kaha mera thikana hai??..
Aaya to tha khushiyon k sagar me mai,
Ab kis or kis raah pe jaana hai??..
Sochta hun kya khoya kya paaya maine,
Jindagi jine ka kya ab bhi koi bahana hai??..
hamdard ab tu hi bata de mujhko..
Kya ab bhi in saanso ka koi thikana hai??..
kahte hai vo muskurana tum hamehsa meri jaan,
Mai hans k bola meri ruh, mere aks..
Muskurana to ab bas ek bahana hai..
Apni saanso, dhadkanon ko maut k waqt tak rulana hai,
Muskurana to ab bas ek bahana hai..
Muskurana to ab bas ek bahana hai..
-gaurav singh gaur

jitna bhi mana kar lo, ek din muskurana hai...
kisi wajeh se nahi to be-wajahi pe hi muskurana hai.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

When I sit on my terrace, facing the sun setting behind the buildings, spreading the golden glow till it turns elvish white on the zenith and fades into the blue of the sky darkening towards east... The grandeur of looking from horizon to horizon... It absorbs me for a moment obscuring the whirling thoughts of my mind and putting it in a lovable hypnotized state... the idea of clouds lined golden from their western ends floating graciously high, very high above me... remembering the famous lines 'earth is like an apple, whirling silently in space'...

I can't keep but from condemning myself and a sea of pity gobbles me up - for all the petty matters of ambition, relationships, money that eat my days after days when all I need is to watch the grandeur that is earth & space till I cannot remain from eating or pooping and then get back to watching the sky and the earth.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

sapne reh gaye hain tasawwur ban kar,
neend beh gayi mrugjal ban kar.
iss tishnagi mein pehchaan kho chuke,
ab bhatak rahe hain 'besabr' ret ban kar.

- besabr (hp).

Literal translation from Hindi:

Dreams ended up being imagination,
Sleep flowed away like water seen in mirage.
Having lost identity in this desert,
I roam directionless like a grain of sand.
(c) hp.