Monday, June 28, 2010

baadal garje aur baat ansooni reh gayi,
barsaat hamaare aansuon ko paani keh gayi.
kaaynaat ki saazish thi - poori ho gayi,
un do palo mein ek 'besabr' zindagani kho gayi.

-besabr (hp).

Clouds thundered and words remained unheard,
Rain made my tears also look like water.
It was a conspiracy by the universe that got fulfilled,
In those two moments, I lost one life.
(c) hp.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

વર્સાદ કેમ નથી આવતો?

બોલાવ દિલ ખોલી ને, હું ધમધમતો આવીશ,
બોલાવ યાદ કરી ને, હું વરસ્તો આવીશ.
મારો અનુભવ એક જ વચન માંગે છે,
હૈય્યુ મૂકી ને વર્સુ ત્યારે ફરીયાદ ના લાવીશ.

(c) hp.

Literal translation from Gujarati:

Call me heartily, I will come thundering;
Call me with nostalgia, I will come raining.
My experience asks for only one promise,
When I pour with all my heart, don't bring any complains.
(c) hp.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

નથી ઠેકાણુ, ફક્ત રસ્તો છે.
નથી ઈચ્છા, ફક્ત જરૂરત છે.
ગમતા અણગમતા માં શું ફરક?
જ્યારે સમય પસાર કરવો જ નથી.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Give it a go, man!

Time and again, in the complexities of social protocols and mannerism, we often forget what it is to be our true self. The evolution of human race has progressed to today’s prosperity as compared to the Apes who negligibly evolve socially once their morphological evolution reaches an equilibrium. The principle of evolution works strongly on the basis of ‘survival of the fittest’. And we humans, along with a number of other mammals, reptiles, birds and fishes have survived not singly but in groups.

When there is a group, a social structure arises and hence the stratification within. It is nothing but natural that a strong and capable individual leads the group to a secure future and election of such a candidate happens on the basis of how cleverly and how fast an individual can climb up the social staircase. That would involve display of his/hers social capabilities, survival capacity and the courage to take responsibility of other individuals than himself/herself.

Coming back to the mankind, it is an important question to ask whether in today’s world we need social stratification or not. Anyone’s true reflexive answer would be yes – for the reasons I have myself provided above. But why can’t we look at the feasibility of the other alternative? Why do we need a discriminating social structure today when we have more intelligent ways like democracy and intellectual ways like debates to run our organization of human race efficiently? In a social structure, the minority is first suppressed of its rights and then pitied if they are rendered incapable or condemned if they form a sub-community for their own survival.

Most of us derive only pleasure from watching wildlife documentaries on television and it is indeed very amusing and entertaining to know about the most wonderful ways in which the natural world works. What I have seen people fail to achieve, is to observe and not just see. In nature too, there are individuals in groups of blackbucks, cranes and lions which have a way of their own, different than most members of the group. As shown by Mendel by his landmark experiment with pea plants in 1850s, every kind of permutation and combination of genes is possible, leading to very different kinds of individuals – that is the same reason why no two individuals have same finger prints (a very rare phenomenon indeed!). And it is…a very clever mechanism of the nature to introduce adaptability in the population for its survival.

Tracing back my own retrogressive path to human society, when I see many people claim that some kind of human behaviour is unnatural, I feel it’s all there before their own eyes and still they can’t see. They can’t understand that anything can be natural but not common. There are plants which aren’t green and birds that cannot fly. How do you define unnatural or natural? Is social discrimination of the minorities necessary? Cannot intellect prevail over basic instincts, now that we have evolved beyond a threshold… Perhaps this is necessary for further evolution of mankind in its present form.

While we continue debating in ultra ambitious UN meets on maneuvering the course of earth’s natural history in mankind’s favour, we might as well give the Copernican principle a small thought and to the fact that we still have to learn a lot from the ways of nature and progress towards being in harmony with it rather than compete with it.