Saturday, February 21, 2009

From the Other Side

Unusually plain day it was, with no euphoria, no boredom and no depression either. In the evening, I went to buy milk and as I was walking out of the society lane I heard some peppy not-so-sophisticated music being played really loud. As I took a turn to be on the main street, I saw two gigantic blue lights roaring at me from a distance along with many tiny yellow ones. Curious to know what it was, I wondered if it was a marriage party. Though it was a regular sight back in ahmedabad but quite uncommon in pune.

The music was terribly loud and I saw it was being played on a truck groomed for the occassion in many a lights and headlights were cellophaned blue. The songs they played were peppy and quite the ones that masses would rejoice. Now, its me, a huge opponent of noise pollution and having rather sober choice in music. I was certainly baffled to be not disturbed by the party. Kept walking. Saw two boys one of them,although could not compete with the truck's volume, was very loudly mimicking the lyrics. An old bald man, standing by a scooter - perhaps waiting for someone, was coo-ing his neck like a pigeon blissfully enjoying summer noons on my window sill.

By the time I reached the store and finished my little shopping, the truck and the dancing caravan in front almost reached that building. Yes, indeed it was a marraige party with a truck head pulling something that was made to look like a chariot with two golden thrones in it. When I started walking back to my society, I had this insane urge to jump in that turbanned crowd of men and dance like crazy. It was then that I ideated this blog entry but its three hours later that I am actually writing it.

I came back to my room, feeling happy about having observed something new to chew upon. Sat on my couch cum bed and picked up a book. And zoom! I'm back to myself. The party must have reached the gate of my society and now it felt cacophonous herd of mad people dancing to some cheap and exaggeratingly called vulgar songs. I put on my headphone and started watching some F.R.I.E.N.D.S. to cheer up and let the herd pass. Perhaps its now that I can look at the episode in its entirety that I have the ability, peace and mind to pen it down. While walking, the whole time, I had this weird feeling that everyone around was enjoying the music and some dignified literates were frowning at it. Was nice to be on the other side and not be a dignified frown face for once. :-)