Monday, May 26, 2008

Smiles Veil

The first thing that captured my attention on saturday morning was this picture in the newspaper. Father and son are re-united after a year. Boy has witnessed his mother's murder by the lover with whom she had eloped. But who can tell from the picture? I can look at it everyday and still be unquenched.

Fascinations Elude

Potraits, fresh curtains, ethnics adorning white walls,
Daisies in the basket and coffee in a rusty ceramic,
Windows glimpsing greens, hoppers and a few men,
Seductive mornings, light shower, gentle scent and crisp clothing,
Noons humming with work,
Evenings glowing in amber and candles,
Starry nights pondering on fascinations that elude,
Slumber in pursuit of dreams.

(c) Hershal Pandya, 2008.