Tuesday, November 04, 2008

All is a coffee dream with a twirl of cream...

She came at the dawn of yawn,
I sing a yellow hello.
Her voice, a bloom in gloom,
Glass heels dance me to trance.
Far away keeps the land of sleep,
All is a coffee dream with a twirl of cream.
(c) Hershal Pandya, 4 October 2008.

Nature's Artefact

A dry leaf glides to earth,
A lemon butterfly flutters through,
A buddhist monk walks by,
I smile at the nature's artefact.

(c)Hershal Pandya.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Gypsy's Dog

'Thundering clouds and rattling windows remind me of being part of a larger life form than my own'

I walk by lanes and highways alike,
Following my master's hike.
Days are jolly and quite a delight,
Under the stars we halt for the night,
Awaiting a new story, awaiting twilight.

Criss-crossing across the country,
Fly by faces of great variety,
Some sole,
Some socializing to shroud their whole.
Some jay walking happy feet,
Some mourning their own defeat.
Its difficult to look at faces so tall,
Amazingly, the dancing feet give it all.

With life like of an indulgent hermit,
And mules for a company,
The barking street dogs do not bother me.

-A Gypsy's Dog
(c) Hershal Pandya.

Debut Couplets in Gujarati

Megha ni raah ma varsaad na be chhanta,
Gulab ni paankhdi ne saachavta kaanta,
Ekalti chaal ma pakshi na geet,
Aasha na hoy tyan thi sneh ane preet.
Saghda anubhavo ni jem laad aape,
Aapni yaad ne aapna geet.
(c) Hershal Pandya.

Aladdin nu kalin ne nrutyangana nagin,
Sivaji ni top ne treeji aankh no prakop,
Vichaar bhramand maa bhatkaay
Ane mann tya achkaay...
Ke maari katha nu mulya ketlu?
(c) Hershal Pandya.

Aladdin's carpet, wordsworth's daffodils,
Snake charmers and Achilles' heel...
They morph my perception with such spontaneity,
Makes me pause and wonder
Upon the worth of my stories.
(c) Hershal Pandya.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Smiles Veil

The first thing that captured my attention on saturday morning was this picture in the newspaper. Father and son are re-united after a year. Boy has witnessed his mother's murder by the lover with whom she had eloped. But who can tell from the picture? I can look at it everyday and still be unquenched.

Fascinations Elude

Potraits, fresh curtains, ethnics adorning white walls,
Daisies in the basket and coffee in a rusty ceramic,
Windows glimpsing greens, hoppers and a few men,
Seductive mornings, light shower, gentle scent and crisp clothing,
Noons humming with work,
Evenings glowing in amber and candles,
Starry nights pondering on fascinations that elude,
Slumber in pursuit of dreams.

(c) Hershal Pandya, 2008.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Adalaj Ni Vav (Stepwell of Adalaj)

I visited the Adalaj Stepwell, one of the very few archaelogical sites preserved in and around Ahmedabad.

When I photographed the site, I was more into capturing the intricate designs carved on the walls and the symmetry flaunted by the monument.

What puzzles me is the motive of creating such royal stepwell with so many galleries. I'm sure it wasn't meant only for the purpose of water storage.