Saturday, September 29, 2007

Guest Blogger - Vani

Monday, September 24, 2007

Masked Man

There he was in the middle of the stage
Wearing a mask, jumping around.
For he was a clown, always smiling
Hiding all that went on inside

He jumped, he laughed, he toppled, he ran,
He did what they wanted, for he was what he was...just a clown
His expression, oh so funny!
Showed a lot, yet revealed so little
People thought him happy, as he made everyone laugh
What was inside, always hidden
for he was a masked man.

He had to make people feel good, for he was a clown
It mattered not what he felt inside?
For as they say, he was only a clown.
One who makes a fool of himself, as he fools everyone else around.


Friday, September 28, 2007

A blurt

May it not be orchids but I'm glad to see some daffodils.
May it not be a hearty laugh but I'm glad to have a smile.

Several moments come every day since sometime when I feel good about myself. Probably never before I have been so yearning to regain my previous self. Anyways... I wanted to blurt out something on attitude, something on fundamentalism and something on materialism. Did I forget idealism? May be not, may be its same as fundamentalism. Anyways...

When my good friend, who pursues biochemistry, asked me if she would enjoy the nanoscience lecture the other day, I suggested her not to waste her time like me. I, being a physics student, had to attend the lecture for socialising sake. But it so turned out that the presentation was awesome and at one moment, I was considering it as a good career option. Every other speaker I had heard before, speaking about nanoscience, had made it look a dreary and dull subject; the reason of which I now rule out was excessive use of jargons and other subject specific terminology which have not come under the fascinating projector of media. And more importantly, the disablity of bringing complex ideas in a lucid form understandable to a layman.

And then I realise, while still being in the hall, that it is all about attitude. Something that I had realized long before and forgotten. Now that I have re-realized it, I'm still not in perfect harmony with the idea as I was before; I have my hopes. Attitude is the million dollar word, a divine wine that elates you to a state where everything looks beautiful and brings subtle simplicity in any other occurence around you.
Its all in your eyes.

is my favourite quote.

I dont think this blurt has been so fluent but blurts are not meant to be. Are they? :-)

Friday, September 14, 2007

September Breeze

As I arrive at the day,
From where it all started,
Bland or dramatic,
Sweet or sour,
I search for the right word,
That dares describe my journey.

I stand on the terrace,
Facing north star,
As if looking for a direction.

Smile my tear drenched lips,
Bouts of laughter within weeps.

All is same every year,
As I stand on the terrace,
Facing north star,
Looking for a direction,
Feeling, the September breeze.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Storm

A village resided sleepily on shore,
Merrily vivacious, some several hundred doors.
Baby dreams it seemed, every belly bore.

Sea was beautiful, tranquil, inspiring,
It was a giant, that roared by whispering.

A pack of men, A pack of dreams,
Build and board, a shack on streams.
A sail , a mast and sail into cyan,
Adventurous,joyous and sickening it can.(be)

Clouds thicken, lightnings quicken,
Violent waves toss the vessel,
"We are men, we're not chicken!
Oh, meek storm! we'll win by wrestle."

Optimism on a high,
All swelled chests, with a short sigh.
'Power of spoken words', they say,
'Never neigh a nay'.

Salty sea and sweat,
Torture the lesions,
For months they tolerate,
Awaiting calm season.

A speck of heat on the dead eyes,
A ray of sun, a flood of light,
Wrecked ship, open skies,
Dreams all flooded, left no might.

Erected the mast, patched the sail,
Lied on the shore,
Few skeletons, few pale.

"What is life?"
Cried all in chorus,
Scared of death and of its horrors.