Monday, July 30, 2007

Nostalgia stings these days....its all so blue

Just a day off from worries,
When I went koba, planting trees.
Encouraging the new lasses and lads,
Be eco-friendly and use TM launching pad.

Jeevantirth, Koba peaceful and soothing,
Green and chirping environment tranquilized me.

Hours passed as if seconds.

Time to leave,
I walk out of gate,
Nostalgia stinging.

Feeling like I used to,
Going to school after weekends,
Or after summer break,
Or when homework not done.

I wanted someone to ask me to stay there,
Just for a few more days.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Story of a gardener...1

Come my listeners,
Listen to the story of this gardener
And to the agonies of his garden.

Blossomed thoughts,
Enlivened spirits,
Took days by the storm
And I plant a few.

Mauvy with leaves so mauve,
Flapping tenderly along sweet breeze.
She bathed rain with innocence,
I loved her so..., she hugged me so...
Her touch so soft, so divine!
Wish I was a tree and she on me, a vine.

Thanks Saloni, I love you. I'll continue the story later. I'll go and see the agonizing survivors... lots of thanks....for inducing me to write, making me realize how much I miss my Mauvy.

Envies to the believer...

A belief so crept up,
I need no philosophy.
I need no fear,
Feeble be reasons-to shed a tear.
A cloud so grey,
Be no gloomier than sun's ray.

All time all to myself,
Never feel defeated,
Ample of time,
Ample of time!

Day spent means one less left to go,
An hour wasted - mammothian sacrifice to laze,
Almighty's religious seed if I sow,
I dissolve all haze.

Oh, I am so eager to see it sprout,
Only if I get a bean...

Friday, July 13, 2007

I sulk

I get up, I sulk, (radio) I dance, I bathe, I sulk, (physics lecture) I like it, I sulk, I see besties, I crack a joke, I sulk, I get money, I sulk, I go for a movie, I sulk, I go to sleep, I sulk, I sulk, I sulk, I sulk, I get up, I sulk.