Friday, October 27, 2006

New blog, new design & fresh articles

I have initiated a blog called 'Enviro Concerns' which is still a baby with few posts.

My idea is to discuss the beauty that nature holds in herself and the blunders that mankind is making.

How can we undo our blunders? it is not as simple as pressing ctrl+z

How can we become more and more eco-friendly?

I have been involved in 'Taru Mitra' since more than a year and I have some experience with general public and their awareness towards nature.

Making laws and penalising people will not change their attitude towards nature.

Everyone should be made sensitive towards nature, if we make them experience the beauty and serenity of nature then nature will work its way into their hearts.

So, I invite all to come and discuss, on 'Enviro Concerns' , nature! and how can we take little steps locally and have an effect globally.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Void Longing to be Filled

I sit down on the bench,
To feel calm and to drench,
It's raining - cool and quiet,
Sudden lighting - then white,
A growling thunder in the distance night...

I'm filled with a void, a hole so deep,
Slowly I'm brought to weep,
With that inexpressible sense for longing for more,
I'm filled with a void deep down to the core...

It's so cold, but I want to feel colder,
I'm lonely, I want to feel the isolation,
I'm quiet, I want to feel the silence,
I'm sad, I want to feel the longing,
Inside me...

Then I wait, in the rain, drenching,
Listening to the drops pouring,
Seeking a for of longing I can never explain,
And I'm sitting and waiting...

(C) Tanmay Singal

Tan, you penned down my feelings! Thanks!

I yearn for rain,
To drench tears,
It's less of pain,
When words pierce.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

One beautiful morning.....

Soothing chirps,

Dewdrops sparkles,

A bunch of dandelions!

Butterfly hugs.

I had my exams going on till today. I had an experience on monday morning which I will embrace for life. I had linear algebra test that day and it is abstract but its geometrical manifestations are very beautiful. I was studying throughout the previous night and had a meagre three hours of sleep. I was a little tense over my poor preparations - always i am - before any exam. I park my scooter and walk out of parking on the newly paved way to lecture rooms placed in 'old is gold' architecture of our college - St. Xaviers.

We do not lack fully grown neem, pink cesia or peltoforums in our botanically diverse college campus. I hear some parrots(red necked green parakeets) chirping - to which I am very familar as they are regular visitors to the small birdy place, i have on my terrace with jowar and bajri grains in ample.

I slow down my pace and wink my eyes slothfully to experience the melody and peace in their-what would look- random chirpings. It was very pleasing and soulful.

I hurry a bit so that I can read some more axioms but then a squeak draws my attention towards two squirrels joyously playing on the fountain tree trunk. I had always seen squirrels on the campus but the yet-to-begin winter's fresh morning had a charm and it made everything seem so lovely. I break my concentration to put it to thinking on important theorems and started taking strides instead steps.

I take a shortcut through the dewed lawns instead going around them just to get mesmerised once more, by beautifully lemon coloured butterflies. I just walked through the garden and one zig-zaggler almost touched me, giving me prettiest feelings which I will treasure forever.

The bell rings and I run. It is needless to say that I delivered best answers though my preparations were same as any other paper.

I was running haywire since the blunders I did in calculus paper but post this enchanting experience, my mood became, dramatically and miraculously, happier. I am sure, the reason behind good answers in Physics paper next day is the same experience.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

White hair and a flour mill heir

I have a strange habit of smiling at children to have one back.

Here, I was putting all my energy into carrying this aluminium container weighing 12 kgs and filled with wheat grains to be milled. Probably this was the first time I was assigned this job from kitchen section under the ruling of my mother.

At first, I was amazed to see a lone boy of twelve to thirteen years of age handling the mill. This brought a furious reaction within me as from next week(10/10/06) onwards, employing children under fourteen years of age at the cost of their soft hands and innocence would officially be, a crime.

Further, his skill and expertise in his well-defined job pulled away my focus into curiously and meticuolously observing movements of this yet-to-become coarse hands. He filled polythene with 'bajri' flour and then folded the mouth of bag to eventually tie a knot. Finger movements while tying the knot were too rapid for me to follow but they were accurate ones.

He brought me joy by his adult approach to answering orthodox housewives, shouting at him to get their work done first. I think, he is better-off while working in a cacophonous grinding mill, atleast he can pretend to be a deaf to the maddened shouting of orthodox housewives, who frequent the grocery shops.

Since long, I was finding a chance to look into the eyes of this tortured soul and pour in a smile. His innocence has been so much adulterated that he didn't even look at me while accepting the container or while handing me the chit with 11.8 kgs written on it.

After good fifteen minutes, the shop threshold was entertaining only me and a que of containers waiting to be picked up by their respective owners. And I got to see his expertise on handling of machines lying at the dead end of the thin-long shop.

There! comes a bit funny orthodox lady with the 'dabbo'(container) balanced on her scarfed head. And here! I see a mischievous smile on little soul's face who shyly tells her that it would take more than two hours for a fifteen minute job.
I could visualize Krsna teasing 'Gopi' (one of the village girls, much elder to him, still mesmerised hy him and in deep love with him).

Thank God!, I said to myself, for the kid was alive.

Picture credits: Atomic Mak

Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Dear Ignorance," and "From Dusk to Dawn"

Dear Ignorance,

Declared devil,
Everyman's evil,
Please forgive us from behind your veil.

Colours of light,
Knowledge-its might,
Alas! we didn't recognise your height.

Day without night,
Without dark, the light;
Save wrong existed, what is right?

White shines on black,
Without people, even a King's a jack,
Without your presence, knowledge is lustre-lack.

Thank you for existing,
For showing a grey cloud's lining,
For giving our life, its real,true meaning.

Every shade of Life(Cheer,
Romance, Love or Fear,
Laughter, Smile or a cheek with a tear)
Is what makes the life very dear.

"From Dusk to Dawn"

Snowy sometimes,
Sometimes they're grey,
Toning the sky, as life does each day.

Rosie is sky,
When sun bids it bye,
Saffron sometimes, when day is to die.

From west to east, I follow the ray,
Hey! look at the moon, he looks very gay.
About Venus, what shall I say?
Some heavenly oyster, lays it everyday.

Each time I blinkle,
A new star does twinkle.
When it gets a bit darkle,
Like diamonds, they sparkle.

Grass has started gathering dew,
To sleep, now, I have hours very few.
Now, I'll dream off rest of the night,
Till,when in morn,sun brings back the light.

i must say
Raat Hamari- Parineeta inspired me to penn down "Dear Ignorance,"