Monday, September 25, 2006


Prick prick prick
Needles in a sweet chick.

Typhoid, malaria, viral?
Nothing's known for final.

Its terrible to see a jumping jack,
Lie lifeless on the couch like a sack.

Continual starring by the cat on the wall,
Compels the kid's eyelids to fall.

But what a chatterbox, the tiny tot is!
You gotta tell him, "Shut your mouth, please!"

Photograph credits & copyrights: Hershal Pandya

Sunday, September 24, 2006


hmmm....looking at the word "war":

war is a conflict
between two truths, two ideologies, (staunch)strict.

truths are not absolute,
they are relative. a warring brute
is mindless to understand,
how high does einstein stand.

two truths not always warr,
sometimes, the warring parties are
real devils or a devil 'n a goodie
who are far from being each other's buddy.

whatever be the reason,
war is a consequence of treason.
consequence of which has never been
a calmly, worth seeing scene.

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