Friday, July 14, 2006


Probably this is the first time that I am posting something directly from my life experiences.

Its bugging me since more than a year now.

Why are people soooo mean? and sooo cheap?

Today, I told my dumbo-classmate(Minoy) to switch off the extra lights and fans that he had switched on. I've always hated people like him more than anything in the world. Why? You'll get it by the answer he gave me:"College's gonna pay the bill, why are you bothering 'bout it?"

Tell you, half of the college is filled with these kind of people. Why are they sooo pathetically idiotic, cheap and irritating. May be that's the reason we are facing crisis of energy,water,land,air,.....all the resources.

What I do ? Except pulling my hair whenever I confront these people, I get up and switch off the lights myself. I feel this is best thing one can do and if that dumbo has slightest of shame left in him, he'll feel sorry for his idioticity.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Crappy one

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Almost eight feet tall,
Had a good-heavy snack,
Wall got a crack,
Rubble(ing), tumbling, had a great fall.



Some little words in a pan,
Take care to off the fan,
Toss with a trick,
You have a limerick,
What Rahul can do, anyone can!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Moment Captured

I wink my eyes,
While the time flies.

I ponder of my days,
About a year ago,
And I feel the salad days
Are going quick, as time flows.

I wink my eyes,
While the time flies.

Little evenings are spent,
Hiding in a terrace-with no recess,
While D'noy ,the six year old - innocent,
Seeks me, with a cheerful look on his face.

I wink my eyes,
While the time flies.

How wondeful it feels !
Looking at the above word(s)
And stanzas, as if, molehills,
Thru them, I have, A moment captured !


Into the shadows, ye fall!

A sinusoidal wave?
A sort of tale?
Not a fairytale!
Not dumb like a grave.

It seems you're on feather,
It feels you're fragrant-blooming,
The spirit inside's booming,
Happy moments - all gather.

Ignorance takes a toll,
Don't fly high-when its light,
End of the crest comes-despite your might,
Into the shadows, ye fall!


A Bollywood Story

It was a clear, bright day,
We lay over hay,
She asked me to say,
How much I love her, in a voice very gay.

Stupid question, I thought,
Didn't have the answer she sought.
With eager eyes superveasing,
No time to make a story (pleasing),
Difficult!, that too, on first date ever,
To answer, a question expected never,
My eyes broad in awe,
Screamed 'I don't ', without a flaw.
She didn't seem to follow what my eyes spoke,
Tried uttering 'I don't', my throat choke!

Looked at her face again,
Thought with heart instead brain.
Never before heart suffered,
'Love at first sight', had always heard.
Still was difficult to tell magnitude,
I knew she expected an answer in multitude.
Got down of hay without a sound,
Plucked a violet from the ground.
In whispers, I said ''I do!'',
From then, it's this world and 'We Two'.

~Surprisingly Hershal.

Thanks Nyx!

(Samuelson’s lecture at iisc, Bangalore, kvpy, summer camp 2006)

Neither a geek, nor a nerd,
Loves to seek and fly like a bird.
Movies are his passion, dives in the sea,
Follows every fashion, always bears a glee.

Spiked hair and no moustache,
Brains filled with beautiful thoughts,
What seems to others - a headache,
Is more precious to him, than any boughts.

Peaceful night, when others slumber,
Bulb is burning, brain is churning,
Sky, when lit with sun’s amber,
An axiom found, upside-down, the world turning.