Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I M Mortal

Read it as I am mortal or immortal, here I want to talk about mortal and immortal in my aspects. Excluding God, what else in this world can be considered immortal? I am not asking in relative manner (the way for a bug, an oak is) but I am talking in absolute terms (which is true for everybody).

Some say Universe, Space … ETC., but I say “Time”. Time is the only thing that remains immortal “Men may come and Men may go but I go on forever”. Similarly may be today the Universe is there but it might not be tomorrow and then reappear the day after but Time- it keeps on flowing forever.

( Here I have considered the Big Bang Theory that says "The Universe was once a condensed ball which banged out into the present thing ".And other consideration is that it will re-condense into the ball and re-bang.The process goes on and on forever....... )

Friday, December 17, 2004

Astrology-Believe it or Not ?

It is a well known fact that God doesn't reveal future to any organism.If a sheep knew that it is going to be slaughtered, would it play around with the same butcher?

Then howcome we humans in any way can come to know about our future ? Is that possible ? Obvious answer would be "no", but then many a times the predictions of astrologers have been proved correct [ in the history of mankind and also in our personal lives ].It has happened with me , that a person who knew absolutely nothing about me or my past could describe it rightly upto a great extent.Some do it by face reading, some see your palm while some do it with handwriting.

How is it ever possible to predict the future ?........i'm confused...what do you say ,huh ?

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Tagore Speaks !

I am reading a book " Our Universe " by Rabindranath Tagore. It has philosophy as well as science both in a great harmony with each other.I'll like to quote some of the lines of the poem that follows the introduction :

" Man's deeds will lose all pretence of immortality,
Man's history will merge into the ink of eternal light,
Man in his farewell glance will take away the colour of
the universe,
Man's mind on that final day will leave no trace
Of a fulfilling seed.
The tremor of power will rage from sky to sky,
No light will shine.
In the great concert-hall without a lute,
The performer's fingers will move in the rhythm of a
But with no music.
That day God,losing all poetry , will remain alone
Seated under a blue-less sky,
Bent on a mathematical calculation devoid of personal
When in this vast universe
No voice will rise amongst countless people,
From life to life ,far or near,
To echo,'I love you','You are beautiful'.

Will then God once again sit in ageless
And repeat His Prayers from amid night's devastation,
Saying 'Speak , oh speak!'
Uttering,Say,you are beautiful',
Say , I am in love ?' "