Monday, November 29, 2004

Is it Curiousity or fear ?

In recent developments, in an official meeting regarding to "Chandrayana-India's mission to moon" one of the subject was to establish a permanent human establishment on moon , in the coming decades. NASA has also been planning on sending another probe on mars to search for water and possiblities of life on the red planet. And researches are being done on faster Space travel . Biologists are also engaged to find out whether a man can hibernate like bears and frogs,in possible long trips to Mars.Other new developments towards this direction can be known from

What do these facts reveal?Do they symbolise fear of man for his existence for a longer time on earth or is it just curiosity ? Is man finding possibilities of life on moon and other planets, so that if Earth sometime becomes uninhabitable then he has got a place to escape.But why would earth become uninhabitable?Would it be because of green house or over population?According to UN ,the world population would stop increasing after 2050,so major possible cause that remains is GreenHouse.

{ what is green house effect? A natural phenomenon where CO2 , H2O and some other gases absorb the heat from the sun and helps to maitain earth's temperature at night.Because of which,mercury doesn't drop below a certain level during due to excess amount of CO2 present in the atmosphere the heat absorption is more and hence the global temperature rises,as a consequence of which the polar ice starts melting and the sea level rises to swallow more and more land surface below it.}

According to me, along with space exploration it is also necessary that we take steps forward to save earth's environment, if not for ourselves then for the sake of other innumerable species inhibiting it.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Views !

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Friday, November 19, 2004

Existence !

Our existence and existence of the Universe is still a mystery ( and probably will remain a mystery forever. )Many theories are there and many will follow,but none does solve the mystery.

Talking of existence as a personal matter,has anybody asked himself two simple questions " 'What was there before my birth and what after my death ?'".The answer should be of self origin (i.e. one should not ask it to anybody else then himself).If he does not find any answer, does it conclude that his existence is merely a biological event.Many people may get the answer and it may be somewhat related to the term 'reincarnation' (or cycle of Death and Birth) -as stated by most of the religions and faiths.Do they possess any 'physical' proof or something that can prove it.

Many who have thought about this have become atheists or have dedicated themselves completely to religion, simply to know whether it can lead them to the ultimate truth.But people who have followed the path of religion for this purpose would be rare or may be they do not exist at all.

Thus , if we can lead to some definite conclusion about our existence then the mystery of Universe's existence can also be solved and vice versa.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Science OR Religion

My title says "Science OR Religion !",which is contrasting to generally seen title 'Science and Religion'.I've chosen this title because it most appreciably represents the dilemma in my thoughts.And to me ,I find no correlation in between these two things.On the basis of my education and perception I see Science and Religion as two main streams human thinking,out of which science seems to be more convincing.

Does any Superpower or GOD in other words, exist? Is Life simply a biological event and living organisms a complex form of simple non-living molecules. Acceptance of any of the two theories(according to me)by a man in the present world requires proof.World does follow a religion of its choice but many do it out of fear of God.{And "Science",what can I say about it.....its existence lies solely on proof and nothing else, that is the only reason it seems to be more convinving.}But, yes if there were no religions then progress of man to this stage would not have been possible.It is religion only,which preaches brotherhood and absence of which would have not leaded to propagation of human species to this extent.

I have been reading things related to science, religion as well as science and religion.But I haven't been able to find any satisfactory solution to these questions.