Saturday, August 10, 2013

I look like a hallucinating homeless

I look like a hallucinating homeless;
Extending arm at nothing,
Trying to touch figures from the past.

I look like a wide eyed imbecile;
Painting visions on wall,
Half heartedly living in a doubtful future.

I am perhaps a sceptical romantic;
Faithful to imaginations,
Afraid of seizing the tangible present.

(c) hp . 


Anonymous said...

Seize it!

(Now I have to go prove that i'm not a robot by writing in letters and numbers).

Zephyr said...

meh... if the tangible present is more jaded than the meaningful past and a colorful future, whats the point in seizing it?

i haven't been to your blog in years! i'm wiggling myself back into the world of writing and thought i'd visit you. looks like you've been MIA too!
Any plans of coming back soon?