Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jhanjhari (Zanzri) Waterfall Trip Travelogue

Target: A pleasant road trip on bike with meager hopes of seeing waterfall so early in monsoon. Somebody once rightly uttered these words so that I can quote them here 'it is the journey that matters, not the destination', bless the wise man who spared me from the contemplation leading to such a profound thought.

Companion Biker: Mirant Tiwari , renamed Mr. Mythology. Very protective of his six month old Yamaha but not so much that he can refrain from narrating the creation of universe and philosophies of Hinduism while driving on the country roads. Also, he has given me a deep insight into being a Brahmin and having to please Shiva. 'Dear Brahmin readers, do please Shiva-Shankara since he is the only one who has the right to kill a Brahmin. If anyone else touches you, it is against the constitution of Hinduism - please raise your concerns in a temple nearest to you.' (@Mirant, yaar... no offence intended. It was sincerely enlightening but you know my readers like me as a stand up comedian - or so I think right now.)

Route: Okay, some serious talk here and no jokergiri. This was my second time on the same route and it was painful to recall memory by memory and re-chart the map last night. Result: this blog entry.

Just giving the landmarks on the way, you can connect the dots via google maps if interested. Otherwise you will find too many down-to-earth village folk anytime of the day to guide you.

Ahmedabad - Subhash Bridge - Airport Circle - Noblenagar - S.P. Ring Road - Dehegam - Dehegam to Baayad Road - Go Untill Dabha Village - Go to Jhanjhari via Dabha. (Total about 80 km, Roads are smooth, well shaded and you will be driving through farms once you cross S.P. Ring Road )

My return route is a little different:

Jhanjhari - Nirmali Chokdi - Vyasji na Muvada - Utkanteshwar - Dehegam - Ahmedabad. ( You could visit Kedareshwar between Vyasji na Muvada and Utkanteshwar if you like. )

Experience: If you had asked me about 5 hours ago, then I would have hardly spoken anything and given you an extremely uninteresting facial gesture. We came back on bike in partial cloudy but hot! noon so I was very drained by the time I reached home. But let me rewind to the time when we were trekking on the river bed rocks under clouds and in cool wind... it was bliss! To sit with legs dipped in cold water and touching the algae on the bottom of water with legs to release trapped gas bubbles... To see red wattled lapwings create a ruckus just because we were 10 feet away from its nest with one chick roaming around the tall grass walls... To get up and start walking again when the sun shines... To wonder if those are tadpoles or small fishes and sometimes pretend to read a book in an idyllic place like that... To have company of a crazy lunatic writer who can weave a cliche silly romantic movie script on the spot with you and who dreams of dinosaurs and imagines crocodiles in a river dry like a desert with too many oases...

The road trip was like cutting your way through a smooth vanilla chocolate cake sitting in the comfort of your home. (Okay, I can confess here that I have been dying to find this cake of my dreams in Ahmedabad). You can expect to witness closely a small part of farmers' life while you drive through these country roads with ample of 'stop here' and 'stop there' moments. I had a nice brief chat with a farmer plucking mangoes who was nice enough to gift me a sweet desi mango :).

Caution: Take enough water or keep buying water on the way because you will need lots of it to survive the sun till the end of the day.

Wildlife: If you are an amateur birdwatcher like me, you will find a lot of variety of birds. I saw a number of Indian Rollers, Little Green Bee Eater, Black Ibis, Open billed stork, Woolly necked stork, little egret, pond heron, purple heron, white breasted kingfisher, A bigger variety of bee eater, a swallow, a raptor like a harrier (also collectively named as 'take your binocular next time' :) ).

We also saw an Indian Monitor Lizard and the Yamaha almost became the Yamaraja for a number of squirrels that were venturing on the streets without any zebra crossings.

Some more photos:

Where do I go from here? Oh shoot... I should have thought my way out first.. :P (Mirant, don't take revenge please...)

Not nomads/gypsies... just tribals who transfer goods from one village  to another using their camels and donkeys.


Anonymous said...

I am impressed with your was not at all boring..just enough description and photographs were were like cherry on the top.

And all those the birds you saw and could identify them..mighty cool..way to make me miss nature/wildlife.

You should continue your travel log and put them all up for your blog viewers.

Happy Scribbling,
your friend.

indiwriter said...

Good write up.. Nice refreshing trip looks like..

theparseelady said...

whooohooo...i felt i was almost there and doing the things as they were described. Impressive i must say ...but then i can expect nothing less from ya buddy.

bird said...


well written, but on a lighter note (because i think that was motive of the trip and the write up after that..) i loved the photograph with feet in the water, it made me tempted to be there! and u got to see the birds! luck you! :)

Anonymous said...

Nicely put...although you committed a character assassination describing the crazy lunatic writer with you...he sounded :) Very well written dude!!

Anonymous said...

Seemed like a lovely trip. One that manages to temporarily drain you from your tensions and worries.
Bike trip, company of beautiful birds, a lake, (and mangoes :p)...
could u ask for anything more?

Anonymous said...

overfed your fishes..... :p

Priyanka Chaturvedi said...

too imaginative writing... love it d way u write... nice to know places around d city... u might not have a chance to visit wen it rains.. m sure wud be cool !! gud job !!

Ranjani Sastry said...

Hershal got back to you after long time. great time you have spent bird watcher. wondaful.Great to know!

geegus said...

Well, Hershal. You know what I am going to say. Your style is greatly influenced by mine and thats why this blog is sooooo refreshing and everyone likes it.
I could simply say 'Love the work. keep it up' But no. I have to be myself and elaborate.
Also yes what we had talked about a few months ago that we think alike is so true. I made fun of Hinduism not about Shiva's ability to kill brahmins but about reincarnation three years ago. Ask me one day and I will also tell you the dirty-minded version of the mahabharata that I told Auni.
At this point I dont think you would want me to say more. So let me conclude with saying 'yes you can do better by adding in a prayer for me at the end'
Lots of love and waiting to see more of what you write.

Mukul Mhaskey said...

Good one Hershy! Would love to read more of your writings.

Anurag Verma said...

You are a gifted writer. We are planning to leave today. Our trip is planned based on your content. So, looking forward to having a great time ahead. Thanks again.

Hershal said...

Thanks Anurag... I hope you have a good time. :)