Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Calvin, Hobbes & my fascination...

pls. note: i have cropped a lot of posts from the blog. So, only those, which according to me, are good ones are available in the archives....do have a look at the archives.

Its been long since I talked about something to my blog( 'coz i think i hardly get any visitors). Best of my posts are now burried under the burden of 'archives'. sob!sob!sigh!

Anyways, for anyone who might tread this way... Today, after what it might seem like eternity, I want to talk about Calvin , Hobbes & why both these brats enchant me?

I like the way imagination flies in Calvin's mind and the world he creates for himself, a niche, where he's hopping along with his friend Hobbes. He's naughty, chirpy, happy happy, but sometimes quite philosophical and to me, euphemistic.

And words such as 'stinkhead', 'sissy', 'rats!', 'possum stuck in the colar' mingle in my mind all the time and I am so excited to use them when an appropriate opportunity comes.

Whenever its all gloomy, sulky, smokey & cloudy in my mind.... watching Hobbes and Calvin hugging each other soothes me out a lot.(its on my wallpaper & icons,thts been there since a month and half on my desktop where a wallpaper hardly stays for half a day's time)

I remember one such sulky time when I decided to sit and read calvin strips.... It refreshened me up so much that I wrote a poem for my dearest Calvin 'n Hobbes.

Here it goes:

Calvin: The Shocking True Story of the Boy whose Exploits Panicked a Nation

He phones the president,
A-bombs, I want two of them
from your defense department

Else I'll e-mail your nation,
ur click-where you flirt in fashion.
will be up on posters for next election.

the presy is petrified,
calls on his p.a. - who's horrified
they call back calvin, to bargain, in a tone very terrified.

calvin says no bargain,
e-mail forwards are gonna reign,
u r done!, out of office, catch the next train.

hobbes pities presy-the poor,
he wanted to go for an african-safari tour,
he's gonna get thrashed by the first lady for sure.

Presy tries hard, flutters like the last bird on the branch.
calls up the defense, but A-bomb guard is off for brunch
what shall I do now? calvin's taking me for lunch.

Calvin hears some artillery,
Presy's come to snatch that pic, before it goes wirey,
he's about to click,
"Its 8,Calvin! get out of bed and get ready", its his mom in a mood-fiery.

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Anonymous said...

I have the hug tattooed on my left arm :)