Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Self Centric Hershal...

When asked the meaning of my name, I would always answer "I'm defining it!" or to stubborn people, I would say "its the name for planet 'Uranus' or 'Neptune' , i dont care!"

Analysing Hershal.....

"Hersh" in gujarati or hindi or sanskrit would mean happiness

"Hershey" is the chocolate I love & occasionally my pet name.

"Herschel" Williams is the astronomer who discovered Uranus & Pluto

And on my visit to the bookstore last week, I was overjoyed to see

"Hershal" means a Lover, so I am.

is anything else that clicks to your mind? something to do with hershal?

man! m soo self-centric, am I? May be I'm a little eccentric but I am very glad to know that "Hershal" means a Lover.... [:)]

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chhadma said...

hey kid.. just came across your blog (with no desire of really chasing you if you may think!).. I see that you are fairly articulated and also read chaps like dawkins.. a kind of rare thing for ahmedabadi..esp the param kind (but I think it is your pune connection!).

I had sent you a book name.. "making of the fittest" by Sean Carroll. Did you check it out? Worth read for anyone curious about life on earth.