Friday, August 25, 2006

Take Pluto In

My Very Earnest Mother Just Sent Us Nine Pickles,
To IAU, the presence of Pluto Tickles.
My Very Earnest Mother Just Said Us No,
Why does IAU do this, I dunno.
Take Pluto in - a request of mine,
Eight isn't better, make it nine.
Either change the definition,
Or give it an exception.

Sadly, we now have only 8 planets and Pluto along with Charon, Ceres and Xena is a dwarf planet

"My Very ..." are the mnemonics to remember the names of planets in sequence.


AnoNick said...

Nine may be nine, Eight may be eight
There's nothing fine about a planet

Classified right, by astronomers bright
Life, of changes, if full, "Pluto- planet" is bull.

Nav said...

cool man...but seriously how does it matter? i mean when one is aware that there are gazillions of such planetary masses around?

Anonymous said...


LAEvanesce said...

I definitely agree; to change it after this much time, I believe leniency on the rules should be given to Pluto. At least make it an honorary planet =p

By the way, thanks for coming to my blog and directing me to yours; I'm enjoying looking around ^^