Thursday, November 11, 2004

Science OR Religion

My title says "Science OR Religion !",which is contrasting to generally seen title 'Science and Religion'.I've chosen this title because it most appreciably represents the dilemma in my thoughts.And to me ,I find no correlation in between these two things.On the basis of my education and perception I see Science and Religion as two main streams human thinking,out of which science seems to be more convincing.

Does any Superpower or GOD in other words, exist? Is Life simply a biological event and living organisms a complex form of simple non-living molecules. Acceptance of any of the two theories(according to me)by a man in the present world requires proof.World does follow a religion of its choice but many do it out of fear of God.{And "Science",what can I say about it.....its existence lies solely on proof and nothing else, that is the only reason it seems to be more convinving.}But, yes if there were no religions then progress of man to this stage would not have been possible.It is religion only,which preaches brotherhood and absence of which would have not leaded to propagation of human species to this extent.

I have been reading things related to science, religion as well as science and religion.But I haven't been able to find any satisfactory solution to these questions.

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Dan said...

i was having this chat with my little old grandmother the other day as a matter of fact so hopefully you dont mind my 2 cents worth...

she says that god isnt so much something that can be explained by anything scientific, and that he/she/it exists as well as science.

that you either believe or dont beleieve.

you could explain life/existance/the earth as being based on science, or science being based on a god.

all the little things that are explainable by science can also be explained from a religious point of view by saying that god made them that way.

so yeah. i reckon you either believe or you dont and that religion and science can both exist with no real drama.

provided you believe in the god thing.